Ride in the Pražský Semmering in Prague

Prague is a city where time seems to have stood still and being in Prague for 6 days was one of the most memorable events of my life so far.  Prague has a lot to offer for a visitor: the beautiful old town with a history dating back to 900, mesmerizing statues around the city, both in old and new towns, gothic castles, enchanting paintings, splendid Charles bridge, the home of Franz Kafka, the famous Lenin wall and the list goes on. While I was fortunate enough to have a feel of all these, an unforgettable experience in Prague was taking a train ride to the suburbs along Pražský Semmering. A lot of details on previously mentioned attractions in Prague are available on the internet, but Pražský Semmering is a hidden gem.

Pražský Semmering refers to a traditional rail line through Prague and the motor-coach train ride takes you to the outskirts of Prague while offering a beautiful view of the attractions such as Charles bridge and the Prague castle. It was difficult to find where I could hop on to this train, as many locals/foreigners seem to be unaware of this rail. The almost empty carriages were a proof of it. After more than two hours of roaming from one station to another in the city,  and failed attempts to know the details of hop on station, I got lucky at the Hlavní nádraží station.  The motor-coach runs on Saturdays, Sundays and on selective public holidays. The timetable of the train is available at https://pid.cz/zabava-a-zajimavosti/prazsky-motoracek/. I was elated to know I have made it and was eagerly waiting on the platform for the train to arrive. It was a beauty!

Most of the places in Prague were crowded, during my time of visit (July) and this train ride was serene. A handful of passengers, guard and the driver were there. The city does not expose you much to the beautiful nature of Prague and this motor-coach train takes you through it with a mountainous view. To return to the main station one can take a tram from the stop outside Zličín (the last) station. Since for me it was definitely worth another ride, I spent some time at the last station and took the return ride on the same!


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