The beauty of impermanence

Practising mindfulness (which is non-judgmental present moment awareness) helps us cope up with difficult situations.  This photo is from a mindfulness workshop that I attended to. In this workshop, participants were given a tiny leaf and asked to focus on it for a few minutes, giving it their full attention and feel what they notice, To acknowledge the fact that, a tiny seed grew up to be a tree and this leaf was there, hanging around freely, at times getting soaked by the rain, at times getting burnt by the sun and at times having a good time, feeling the cold breeze around, before a stranger took it away from the tree and now the tiny leaf rests in their palm.….

This experience taught me ‘impermanence’. The best thing about any experience we go through in our lives is the impermanence. May we feel good or bad, elated or depressed in a given situation, an inherent quality of that situation is that it changes.  I believe, depression has to be celebrated as much as the cheerfulness. I believe depression should be a moment to acknowledge that you belong, that you are human (and humans make mistakes),  that you care about yourself and others and above all, that moment of depression will not last, that depressing moment is impermanent. Let that acknowledgement makes you stronger and make yourself be an inspiration to the others, just as this tiny leaf is an inspiration to me.




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