Cluster results visualisation in R with fviz_cluster

R comes as a handy tool for a data scientist. One package I found useful while working in R, is factoextra, a package for visualisation and extraction of results from multivariate data analysis including different dimensionality reduction techniques and clustering methods. The official documentation of factoextra is at It can be installed from CRAN using the command ,


fviz_cluster function from factoextra is useful in clustering results visualisation. The function usage details are at

A quick example showing the clustering of Iris

#Load iris dataset
irisDataScaled<- scale(as.matrix(iris[, 1:4]))
kmeansClusters<- kmeans(irisDataScaled, 3, nstart = 25)

#Visualisation of resuls using fviz_cluster from factoextra
fviz_cluster(kmeansClusters, irisDataScaled, stand = FALSE, geom = "point")

The resulting figure would be


The output from the fviz_cluster function is a ggplot. If you are to use fviz_cluster within a loop,  the output ggplot should be printed out explicitly as

for (i in 1:iterEnd){
print(fviz_cluster(kmeansClusters, irisDataScaled, stand = FALSE, geom = "point")

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